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leader ship


the things you need to be a leader

  •  Honesty if you do the crime you do the time and sometimes if you tell the truth the conciquencis arent that bad at all  if you do something bad theres always someone who can either fix it or make it a little bit better.
  • Listening if you dont listen to others opinoins things wont go as well and the things that you try to do wont happen.
  •  Trust your friends if you dont trust your frends you wont have any friends.
  •  Stay strong its not physicly strong its mentaly strong its about standing up for your self and others and doing the right thing fo others and your self.
  • Sence of humor bcause if your always seriouse because other wise things like meetings and talks will become boring and no one would want to meet up with you and hsve those talks.
  • Team work bieng a leader is not always abouse leading your team to the fnish line its about working with eah other not agianst each other.
  •  Focusing on whats important its not about fousing on gatting a badge to be a leader its about focusing on acting like a leader and having the responsability of bieng a leader.
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